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    Hi all,

    Just made a TikTok account for the first time. Posted an original video, recorded in-app, with tags such as #fyp and #music. Account is not private, everything is verified, and the video is posted publicly. After trying several videos, all had 0:00 watch time and 0 views after over an hour. Basically, it is being shown to absolutely nobody despite being within the guidelines. Does anyone have advice or an idea about what could be going wrong?


    You realize that app is getting banned in multiple countries? Why would you even try? Use basically anything else that app is a waste of time


    Happens to me occasionally. Often the only way to fix it is by deleting and re uploading until it works.

    Also double check you didn’t accidentally set the video to Private.


    It might mean NO ONE is watching it.


    Happened twice with me. The first time I had to remove the hashtag “designporn”, the second time “fyp”. Try removing the hashtags which are anything less than 100% child friendly, and avoid overused ones.


    You have to wait. My videos won’t get pushed for about 3-6 hours after I’ve posted them. Be patient. I dont know how reposting effects the algorithm though, so you may want to wait until tomorrow to post again.

    Also follow me and I’ll follow back!


    Your video might be a repost , tiktok’s algorithm catches re-uploads of popular videos. Fk tiktok

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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