Thoughts on brands leaving social entirely?

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    Thoughts on brands leaving social entirely?


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    I thought about it many times but we have too many customers contacting us through social media so we are not willing to risk losing that business.

    It’s easier for bigger brands I guess.


    If you have competitors and they are in a space. Then you not being in the space is a disadvantage. This isn’t social media specific.

    Botega isn’t big and fancy enough to have no competitors in their space. In fact high end fashion is pretty saturated. This literally just leaves their customers on Facebook and instagram to only connect with their competitors.

    Any PR generated by the “Oh wow they deleted Facebook and Twitter” is negated by the 20 million touch points their competitors will make over the next month with ads, sponsored content, and news feed reaches across channels or stories.


    This is not what scarcity is. There’s nothing particularly exclusive here to drive scarcity.


    Not leaving entirely, but at least leaving the channels that don’t serve the brand well and are time consuming 🙂


    There are ways to do it, as long as your brand has genuine value, and a ‘hook’ in customers.

    I find customers for my product by picking up the phone and dialling new prospects every-day, our socials just enhance and bring even more customers in.

    Another good strategy is to get your customers to do the social media advertising instead, start an affiliate scheme so they can promote your own stuff


    According to me, one should create a balance between their personal life and social media. Leaving social media completely is definitely not a perfect plan.


    It’s bound to happen…some will pull away…but most will be back. It to easy, and too cheaply done, to connect with customers and prospects via social. Don’t be surprised to see regulators get more involved in a effort to level the field.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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