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    My client’ss website runs on WordPress. Depending on which “donate” button you click, you can be taken to PayPal, Classy, or Zoho to complete your transaction. How would you go about tracking monetary conversions for this website? You can track button clicks, which is easy but leads to overreporting. I could set up a redirect on the end of the payment processor to a thank you page that I will have to create on the WordPress website. This leads to underreporting, I’ve heard, so my idea was to implement this in conjunction with the button click tracking. I’m sure there are many other methods ranging in complexity to implement and the accuracy of the data reported. I’m not looking for a long how-to. Just curious as to what approaches/strategies Ad Experts with more experience than my zero experience would take.

    Respectfully, John


    You’ll probably want to look into e-commerce tracking, or a similar setup to track conversions. Basically, you want the actual transaction to trigger a conversion rather than an action the user takes. You can also associate a value with the conversion, which would help if your transactions aren’t all the same dollar value.

    I’ve never had to do the actual setup for that, but if you’re comfortable with doing it, that’s probably the most accurate way of handling things.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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