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    I just received the analytics of some of my videos and I believe they have great potential to become viral (or at least get more views)..if TikTok just allowed it to happen. To illustrate:

    Video 1: 8.31 seconds long | average watch time 10 s | 90 likes | 8 comments | 344 views

    Video 2: 10.68 seconds long | average watch time 15 s | 93 likes | 506 comments | 788 views

    Video 3: 17.18 seconds long | average watch time 15 s | 605 likes | 8 comments | 1428 views

    I’ve been posting thrice a day lately but as an art account, it’s too hard to for me to sustain this. Kind of disheartening to see that it’s more of the system really hindering my videos from performing better. I think TikTok hates me 🙁


    There is a guy on tiktok that is super smart and does analytics of large sample sizes of different videos and he said most high performing videos are 15-17 seconds and anything less than 10 is usually (not always though) less likely to go viral.


    You have to do tons of testing to see what videos hit with the audience. I’ve been posting daily for a year and getting 300-1000 views maybe like100-200 likes. It’s not until about 3 months ago where I found that a certain type of video where I do a certain action seems to get the most plays for me. I’m hitting 40k likes and 500k views now but only in the videos where I do a certain action. So in short. Follow trends and once you see something they hits keep doing the exact same type of video


    I’ve been posting to an art account too.

    21.2k followers, 115.7k likes.

    I post 2-4 times a day. Sometimes one repost.

    Things I’ve tried or noticed:

    1. I had one video get 1.2million views. All in Brazil.

    Reposted with the same tags and music a week later and it’s stuck at 65k. Not bad but according to many “gurus”, it should have passed the original.

    2. Posted a 20 second video that that stalled at 300 views

    Reposted same video sped up so the length was around 10 seconds and 20k + views.

    Most of Tiktok has a short attention span.

    3. Simple artwork/doodles get more views than more detailed work.

    4. No matter how long a video is, the watch time is ALWAYS much less.

    example: 20 second video = 15 sec average

    15 second video = 12 second average.

    10 second video = 8 second average.


    I’ve found that you need to start an account with a bunch of videos that are targeted to a generic audience, while you build up a good follower base.

    When you’re first starting off, doesn’t really matter what hashtags or anything you use. They show your videos to a dozen or so completely random people (typically teenagers with short attention spans), and then show it to more based on engagement from those original viewers. So even if there are 10s of thousands of people who would *love* your content, it will get buried in TikTok purgatory if it didn’t immediately resonate with the original handful of people that saw it.

    Everything changes once you start building up followers. Gets easier past the 1k follower threshold, much easier past 10k, and basically grows on it’s own past 100k as long as you keep posting relevant content.

    Just follow trends. Use the trending sounds. Use attractive people in your videos. Use kittens and puppies. Use dances maybe. To get traction, you need some generic “TikTok” style content, because you’re only being shown to a generic TikTok audience.

    I’ve got clients that consistently hit 1M+ views per post. Only got there, because of following the above advice. The algorithm is like a tide: can’t fight it, just have to go along with it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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