The most important #SEO success factors:

Forum White Hat SEO The most important #SEO success factors:

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    1. High-Quality Content
    2. On-Page SEO
    3. Effective Keywords
    4. Useful Backlinks
    5. Security
    6. Crawlability
    7. Load Speed
    8. User Engagement
    9. Schema Markup
    10. Mobile-Friendliness


    11) Frequent publishing of quality content 🙂


    Image optimization


    Average user time spent on pages




    How is mobile friendliness #10? Below schema markup? LOL no. And who’s voting this silliness up?


    1 – Keywords Search (Search volume, traffic, competition…)
    2 – Content quality
    3 – User experience (easy to read content, easy to understand, images, videos)
    4 – Domain authority


    Where does sacrificing cats to Google fit into this?


    tl;dr I’m just picking up this disagreement on 2 things really 1) “high quality content” and 2) User engagement as rank factors should be treated as conspiracy theories – baseless and easy to disprove (and Neil Patel’s musings doesn’t = quality evidence XD)

    100% disagree. Schema is helpful to SEO but it’s not integral. Like a page can outrank a page without Schema even in the next 100 have it. Your list is ethically ok but factually wrong – let me fix that for you. I dont even know what you mean by effective keywords (needs a lot of context)

    1. Authority/Backlinks
    2. Content (of any kind)
    3. .
    4. .
    5. .
    6. .
    7. .
    8. .
    9. .
    10. .
    11. .
    12. Internal Linking
    13. Security
    14. Navigation/Crawlability
    15. Load Speed


    I see there are lots of free / paid / freemium sites that let you assess a url and give you an SEO report. What are your favorites?


    Never compress images of cats. Google sees this as an insult and will perma ban you from the internet.


    Faster website loading time. I can’t claim that this true or not, but my rank increased after changing theme to a faster one + amp.


    High-quality content and more specifically relevancy is a huge factor. It’s not enough to just create content it needs to serve a function and speak to your audience.


    The fact that there are different SERPs for different users, brings up the fact that there might be different algorithms.

    I entertain the idea that the sorting algorythm might fine-tune the above factors impact based on the user: location, device, history search or the nature of the search: real-time facts, always asked questions, lists-of-resources, media, locations.

    Always, always check when you start a new SEO project to what extent the above list holds true. While there are agreeable entries and positions (AKA content is king), always consider the rest of the order of the factors, as depending on your audience or keyword, perhaps there’s a factor you need to focus.


    Most important Reddit post success factors

    1. Don’t use a hashtag in the title

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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