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    I’ve seen a ton of questions on here about backlinking such as where to find backlinks and how to determine whether they are quality or not. One method I’ve found to both find backlinks and make sure they are quality is called the copycat method. This method is pretty simple as you’ll be examining your competitors who rank on the first page and their backlink profile. Once you have a list of their links you’ll be able to pick and choose which you would like to take and implement them for your own site. Now the reason this works so well is that you’ll be given a wide variety of links depending on how many competitors you view and the way you can double check the links are quality is that your competitors have not been hit with penalties and rank on the first page normally indicating strong and safe links (usually). It sounds pretty simple and hopefully many people already use this strategy but if not hopefully this helps.


    Ahrefs has a great tool for this called link intersect. You can analyze your competitors and compare to your back link profile to find sites that link to them but not you. Then you can arrange by domain authority and go from there. I utilize this strategy and it works great.


    What do you do when your backlink profile is seemingly better than the competitors? Is that where keyword dense links come into play?


    Great method – I would add to it that when you do go after backlinks that your competitors have it’s probably worth making sure your content is better than that of your competitors (say a blog post) – perhaps more recent, upto date stats. More authoritative (especially where Google’s E-A-T) comes into play.

    This will give incentive for those websites to link to you over your competitor (which they currently are).

    In addition SEMrush has a great tool that shows your competitors lost back links (links they once had but don’t anymore), if you have similar content on your site, that is also a great opportunity to reach out to those sites and get some links too.


    One of the best and Mangools is a more cost-effective tool for this method (includes SERP, rank checker and backlink analysis) for those that don’t want or can’t afford ahrefs or SEMRush.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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