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    I’ve been offered an entry level role as an SEO Account Executive for a leading agency in London but I’m wondering whether SEO will remain just as important as it is now to business post pandemic?

    Are the skills you gain from an SEO transferable to other roles? Would I be able to create/optimise my own website from the experience and skills I learn?

    All thoughts welcome 🙂


    I sure hope you’d be able to after being an integral part of the agency experience. Don’t settle.


    SEO will ALWAYS remain important and valid. As long as search engines continue to exist, you’ll always leverage your SEO knowledge. In fact search engines will live forever, whether it’s Google, YouTube, App store / Google store, etc. This is more like a virtual monopoly that will continue to evolve.

    You can utilize your SEO expertise to drive organic traffic for your own sites/businesses, friends’ sites/businesses, freelancing, owning your own SEO agency, or hopping around working for different agencies to broaden your scope and experience.

    This field is underrated. SEO is the lubricant to all the compartments of a “vehicle.” You can integrate SEO data & knowledge to make Paid Media (or SEM) more effective–which is called SEO/SEM integration. You can further enhance UX, Content, and Tech/Devlopment teams with SEO as well.

    SEO is so broad that every client you work with will require different needs based on their scope, budget, and priorities. More so, it remains relevant to all industries. Any brand/company out there needs a virtual presence to sell or brand themselves online. So learning & mastering SEO is a vital skillset if you wish to play the game of search engines and their algorithms.

    This was a broad and random rant. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask more Qs 🙂


    Short answer: yes.

    Learning SEO made it possible for me to start my own successful online business (actually, more than one now). If you know how to do SEO properly (especially including creating high-quality content), you can market anything that (a) people are already searching for, and (b) isn’t too competitive yet (in already-competitive niches, see if you can get uber-specific for a less-competitive micro-niche).

    I’ve also consulted for and done contract work for many people. Turns out most people don’t understand how the internet works from an SEO perspective, and are super grateful to pay you a fine hourly rate to use your knowledge and expertise to help them.

    Now that I’m also learning about running ads on social media, I’m appreciating the value of SEO even more. With ads, you have to keep pouring money in to get traffic.

    But building a site with organic search traffic (due to good content optimized for the right KWs) is like having a piece of real estate. If there’s traffic, there is a way to monetize it. When you have a decent domain rating, people will start offering you money for sponsored posts. (Of course it’s up to you to determine whether you want to do that.) The point is, just having a high-traffic, high-DR site in itself (which is what good SEO will get you eventually) is valuable.

    Having a mentor was vital for me to learning SEO. That’s what I got when I worked for a digital marketing company. If you’re interested in an SEO career path, I’d say that’s a great way to start.


    SEO been around for a while before the pandemic era, pandemic era just make it more important for business to have digital presence.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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