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    Hello there,

    I work for an ad agency that is mainly in the Golf Course/Country Club market. We do websites/tee time systems/ads/organic social/email marketing/analytics/ and even a texting software they can use to communicate with members… I handle all client Google Ads and Social Ads plus advertising the agency itself. On the client-side, things are going great. Numbers are way up vs. before I came in… The problem is the agency side. Trying just to hit those golf course/country club employees that can make decisions has been challenging. Even using LinkedIn… Has anybody worked in this market or this tight of a niche that has suggestions? I’ve got the targeting on Linkedin pretty dialed in according to the Demographics – “Companies” Report. But nobody is biting… Shit, I have tried video ads/lead ads/image, Everything. Anybody got suggestions or advice?

    Breakdown or current campaigns –

    LinkedIn $15 -$20 a day – Web Conversions Objective to book a demo or submit contact us. Plenty of clicks coming from here, and the time on site from these people are really up there, so they browse and absorb the info.

    Google $15-$20 a day – Search terms related to Golf Marketing, Country Club Marketing, Club Texting Software, and even competitors. This niche again is really tight. All these keywords say low search volume but still bring in clicks. Just look for specific people. Competitor terms spend the most.

    Facebook $5-$10 a day just an RT ad hitting those coming from the other campaigns. I was heavily spending on Facebook before we did LinkedIn Ads, but there weren’t any audience targeting parameters that were tight enough or seemed to work.


    I tried offering our lost & found product and it was tough. We should talk Bc we offer an api you can integrate and charge extra for the feature. We enable complete shipping solution as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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