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    I have clients with several industries, money coach, public speaking coach, podcasters, etc. I manage their social media but I’d like to post contents that only make sense and provide real value to their followers.

    I find that their business falls in the category of personal brands where “they are their own business”, so more than anything, they have to speak to their audience directly since their followers follow them because of what they do and what they have to say. But the problem is, they can’t afford to create their own content, write their own message, post vlogs, etc. because they don’t have time.

    My question is, as their social media manager, how can I help them? I think that the most successful businesses within their niches are very active in social media, they basically do their own content.

    Thanks for all your help!


    Being active in social media means spending time on social media. Many SMEs and nonprofits (including us :)) find it difficult to allocate time for social media. So, perhaps, the first thing to do is to inform people about time management and finding resources for social media activity. Also, having several accounts on several different platforms means time spent learning about different systems: all that takes more time and resources! But, you probably already are aware of these things?


    I manage two coaches and create all their content. They approve it before it goes out and may tweak a word or two but that’s it.


    As their manager you need to do 2 things:

    1. Learn to embody their tone. You’re selling them & their subject matter – so you should be a ‘mini expert’ to get their content most of the way there for them to just audit or tweak for any added commentary
    2. From there – you can either take their unique point of view and build evergreen content like quote graphics etc. & or find current events for them to easily comment on (linkedin trends are a great place to watch for relevant material that is industry relevant).


    Your job as their SMM is not to do it all for them. If that is what they want, then you are an advertising agency and what you produce will come across as genuine as a 1950s TV ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes.

    As a real SMM your job is to:

    1. Advise them on how they can do SM better.
    2. Advise them on best practices so their production of SM flows naturally.
    3. Steer the media out to others.

    In this day, social media is either an integral part of the company process, or it less valuable than a telephone book ad. Remember, the word social implies “interaction with others”–it is a two-way street. Either do it right or don’t hurt your brand by doing it poorly.

    I mean, you are not promoting a dry cleaners–you are promoting success and life coaches! If they don’t have the time to interact with their customers in a meaningful way…

    Well, there is ALWAYS another stable of hungry coaches willing to eat their lunch and stick them with the bill.

    Social media is as integral a part of best corporate practices as cash flow management or supply chain operations.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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