Someone stole my content on tiktok and profited $2000 dollars from it

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    A user ripped the sound form my viral video and gained over 10k followers and 2000 dollars from that video alone. Her fake sound is trending right now with 300k videos while mine has around 10k. I’ve contacted her and she refuses to take the video down and instead just blocked me (she’s 13 so it’s not unexpected I guess). I’ve also reported her account but tiktok won’t do anything about it. I’ve been really down about this lately and I would appreciate any advice. (Also the user is @.charlvzh if any of you guys want to help out by reporting)


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    Maybe I’m not understanding… but that’s the point of TikTok. People use each others sounds. You can click on the sound and use it to make your own video for any original sound.


    Good luck ever getting retaliatory action taken against a 13 year old, you have to just cut your losses here


    Unfortunately the point of TikTok is copying other videos. It sucks when it’s your content being copied but you can also do the same sort of thing and benefit from it.

    It’s frustrating for sure.

    TikTok is super weird in that it seems like the super simple, overly re-done stuff is what flies. It’s pretty discouraging when you’re trying to do your own thing.


    I know how you feel, very unfortunate but there is not much to do. Keep on doing what you are doing, try to follow some trends, use others sounds too and maybe you will catch that FYP.

    It is really frustrating I know. Just keep trying getting more followers and it will be more and more easy later.

    Good luck to you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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