Someone do me a favour and dm when Facebook is useable again.

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Someone do me a favour and dm when Facebook is useable again.

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    When facebook stops banning every new account.

    When facebook stops false banning accounts with an AI turned up to the moon.

    When facebook can actually review appeals within a week.

    When facebook isn’t trash.


    You have described every PPC platform I’ve ever used. 😄😭


    I got banned for an ad that was perfectly fine to run when I researched the policies, on October 19 I appealed for it, still haven’t gotten a manual review and still have my account ban…


    Is Facebook really that bad now? Are you doing anything unconventional? I’ve been off it for about a year at a new B2B company.


    Did you try spending like crazy very fast? If that’s the case then yes, your account would get suspended. Not every new account gets suspended but you need to be smart about it and not try to replicate what was acceptable 1-2 years ago.


    Honestly, Facebook is killing small businesses now. It’s a ruthless genocide from big bully who doesn’t give a fuck. Small businesses already have it tough with Mrs. Korona going around and a lot of them rely on that traffic from Facebook.

    It used to be that maybe just an ad account was disabled here and there and then you got it reenabled in a few days. But now? Personal accounts restricted from advertising, business managers banned without any previous warning, any rejected ads or violation. For legitimate fucking businesses. And there’s no way to contact anyone, chat is disabled, call not available and your assigned representative doesn’t know why you got disabled and is not able to help. Reviews take weeks or months, employees get fired, business is ruined.

    I just wish there is a very litigious person somewhere filing a lawsuit agains all this bullshit and if not I just might do it. This has to change.


    What are you all doing that is getting your accounts banned? I’ll admit, Facebook sucks, but christ… I’ve been running ads for 8 years and have never had an account suspended for anything other than payment.


    I gave up FB, waste of time and energy and including money. My account was blocked after I paid for ads, can’t get the money back.


    Or maybe do your job and monitor the best PPC platforms? Why should I be informing you?


    Google Ads is just as bad these days. Stop/start your ads at will. Even the support have gotten a cocky attitude if you have the temerity to question.


    Been waiting almost 2 months for main account review. Repeatedly banned for false positive violations. Moving over to Google ads because Facebook is a joke.


    Well… Just now my personal account has been banned by FB without a single warning. I’m a user since 2007, developer since 2014 and Business user & manager since 2017…

    I have real-time ads reporting using API’s, custom crm integrations and others products driven by Facebook API. Can’t access to ad accounts from clients. Can’t update catalogs from WooCommerce. All dead now.

    If possible, please stay away from this trash

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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