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    I find a lot of job posts (freelance) for SM Manager asking for a bunch of skills and tasks to be performed and I’m not sure if that’s the usual duty of a SM manager.

    They would ask for someone able to create desgin photos, videos, and write the content, plus publish and interact with the community, create a plan and strategy.

    Isn’t photo design another job of the designer ?
    Isn’t video creation a whole separate job?
    Isn’t content creation the job of a copywriter ?

    Is it normal to look for a SM manager with all those skills or is this really an exception ? (many clients are looking for this, thus the confusion)


    Yes that’s normal


    It’s normal if it’s a small company. Big companies have budgets big enough for an entire marketing department in which case all of which you described would be separate jobs for different people but for smaller companies they do expect you to do it all. It should be discussed who is responsible for making the content because in some cases they do expect you to make it. You could always repost tagged photos of the brand but it doesn’t always match the feed theme you’re going for and sometimes it’s not even good quality content. I would just write up a thorough contract stating what specifically your are agreeing to and what is going an extra fee for you. Otherwise they will just ask and ask and ask (for you to do more work).

    Ex. You agreed to 5 posts a week to IG and 1 video posted to YouTube. If they wanted two videos made for a week instead one, then make sure to let them know it’s an extra charge of about $300 or so.


    If a company is big enough and do have other people doing those jobs already then you can easily collaborate with them to get pieces to post online.


    I have done all of these things for my last several jobs. The more stuff like this you can get experience with the more marketable you will be


    What would you think the job entails if it was not for creating content itself? Only answering questions? Or getting content from third party sources?


    That’s normal and I’d say (gasp) acceptable. Even in bigger companies, maybe even in enterprise-level companies. Completely depends on how the division/department/unit is structured and tasked.

    In the organization I work for, we have 120 people in the marketing just in HQ location – a dedicated editorial team, a dedicated design team, a dedicated multimedia team etc and yet almost every single piece of content that is published on social media platforms are created by the social media team.

    In my experience, social media management is most of the time a content + community management game. If you are looking for a unit head or strategist position, look for “social media lead”, “digital strategist” and similar – although planning around just the social media will not be enough for the latter one.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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