Should I Switch to Remote PPC full time job?

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    Hey guys,

    I’ve learnt PPC by myself and been working in this field for quite a while (4+ years). But i’ve always thought about this as my side gig even though I’m very happy with my earnings (started freelancing during college). All of my clients are remote (USA and Europe making 80% of them). Most of the time the job is pretty interesting and I love talking with clients and helping them succeed. I’m focused on Facebook and Instagram advertising (+Google ads) and have experience with ad budgets over $50k/month.

    But for the last year I’ve been working in audit full time (Big 4) and the job is exhausting even though I’ve been learning quite a lot (in terms of finance/accounting and how businesses operate). Got the job through college since my major was finance. As you can probably guess I’m earning less here than in my agency (PPC job described above).

    My question is should I switch to a full time remote job in PPC? Would that make sense – is it possible to find a remote full time job in Europe timezone (I’m from Croatia btw)? I can keep on working part time as PPC manager (working with couple of clients) while working in audit but I’m sometimes lost between the two (during audit season especially). Don’t think my colleagues in audit would be too happy with me keeping on with PPC as I get more and more responsibility.

    Anyone working remote full time? Would you prefer it over a career in finance/accounting?


    Yes, f the man, man

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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