Should click fraud software be used with Google Ads?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Should click fraud software be used with Google Ads?

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    Some say Google invalid clicks detection is getting more efficient and that click fraud softwares can block actual good IPs. Thoughts?


    I am wondering about this as well.


    Depends on your industry, Ad spend, CPC


    Click fraud software should be a reactive solution and for the record I can’t confirm if it actually works.

    What I mean by this is if you find that other traffic sources (organic, social or other CPC ads) are performing considerably better than Google Ads, you may want to check your analytics for users from Google Ads to see if they have a high bounce rate or excessive users who don’t spend much time on site.

    If this all lines up than you probably want to give click fraud software a try.

    Hope that helps.


    YES – check out a company called “Cheq” Will assist you in recovering click fraud dollars.


    I wouldn’t recommend it if your budget is under $20k a month. Most click fraud happen on sites that Google doesn’t control, if you only use the search engine then 99.9% you are just wasting money on that fraud software.


    Google has a good handle on search fraud. There can still be issues with display ads, particularly if you target broadly. But click fraud software is really only useful if and when you detect an issue with fraud.


    I think clickfraud protection services are absurd because Google only allows you to block 500 IPs, yet I read somewhere that some click fraud schemes used 10s of thousands of IPs for their one operation. I think we have no choice but to believe that Google does indeed take click fraud seriously and rely on them to prevent it. We don’t know for sure if they do, but click fraud protection services don’t have a realistic shot at making a difference.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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