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    The question to professionals. I need to hear your opinion based on experience. I’m doing SEO on my own for my website and have a dilemma.


    I have a keyword “sapphire engagement ring” that I want to focus on. I created a page for it and also I have a pretty long blog post for it (over 4000 words).


    Will pages conflict with one another? Google will place blog posts higher in search or maybe treat away traffic from both.

    Should I put all keyword on the shop page rather than on the blog post and write a blog post for a longtail keyword that contains a similar keyword?

    Should I keep both?

    Or maybe you have another solution.


    Overa all what strategy should I use in terms of keywords for shop pages (I have around 10 of them) and blog posts.


    Thank you so much in advance! Really appreciate your time.


    Since no one is bringing practical experience to this thread, I’ll mention the theory.

    What you have to do is look at intent. Google “sapphire engagement ring” and see what kind of pages come up in SERP. In my location, all ten pages are category pages from a catalog. Not product pages, not blogs. It looks unlikely that any type of page other than a category page will be able to compete in this SERP.

    However, in the People Also Ask section of the same SERP, I can see a number of results from blog posts about sapphire vs diamond rings, where issues of cost and appearance are addressed. So perhaps you could optimize your category page for your main keyword, and then write a blog post on sapphires vs diamonds. This will give you a chance to rank both pages on the same SERP – one in results and one in questions.

    As to the product pages, I don’t think there is any sense optimizing them for keywords. Product pages usually rank for very specific queries with transactional intent. Like if you google “buy Lenovo X1 Carbon 7” it will probably show you a couple of product pages from local or national stores. But with rings people are not looking for any particular one, there are no product names, they look for a selection, so a category page is probably as far as you should go with keyword optimization.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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