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    Yo boys, I want to start ranking higher on google. I am doing it for my own company and I have no idea about SEO. A couple days ago I have seen a post about resources, however, I can’t find it anymore. Can anyone send me some basic introduction resources?

    The website is used for educational purposes – we give out specific questions for a specific school program and answer them through vids.


    PS: Our market has not been touched by anyone yet besides of individual teachers. So if we google what we need we will get to some random teacher website (which most likely is only used for their students, but bc there is nothing more that is what google shows in their top ranks)


    * Create content according to search intend of targeted keyword
    * Cover full information in a single content. Load your content with infographics, images, screenshots, references, cheats, case studies, videos, every possible multimedia you can use. Keep your paragraph short. Try to be a data source.
    * Do on-page with a maximum number of internal links and schema markup.
    * Reach out to your audience via every possible social platform.
    * If your market is truly less competitive then this will be enough for your ranking.
    * If you don’t see any change in 30 days in the ranking, then start off-page and link building campaigns

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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