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    Hi all,

    We’re looking for a SEO freelancer or agency that would do a complete SEO audit for us. We’re not looking for content assistence, just someone that would tell us on what to focus in terms of technical SEO. Do you have any recommendations or experiences with someone that did this for your business?


    You can get a free Audit on moz , semrush and seoptimizer , interpretation is another story though …


    yes I’m here


    i can do


    I can do it for you.


    Hello, i have done those for my sites. you can contact me if you want.


    Moz bar, Ahresh, SEMRush, ubersuggest, Google search console SEO Audit.


    I use SEOquake and SEOoptimer to do website analysis. They show every on-site issue like Meta title, descriptions, image ALT tags, etc. You can also download the Audit report in few seconds.


    One of my work directions as an SEO is tech SEO and technical audits. Mostly do it for big websites with a professional tool kit. As for the audit, a part of my check list is:

    * Indexability – if all pages are indexed and available for indexing. If they are not – figure out why
    * Speed – to understand if there are any loading speed issues. It’s an important ranking factor and affects conversions
    * Interlinking – find poorly interlinked or orphaned pages, Crawl distance issues, follow/no-follow issues
    * Duplicates – check if there any duplications in titles, descriptions, h1 and content itself, important ranking factor
    * Content – if there is thin or low content, mixed content (http at https website)

    SEO effective pages – find most and less SEO efficient pages, if there’s crawl budget waste or orphaned pages

    * Log files analysis – to see which bots visit your website, why and how often; to see which pages Google bots like and which not, and find out why.
    * Crawlability – check if pages available for bots, and if they’re not – why, which status codes they get, if there’s any harmful redirect chains etc.
    * Bots’ behavior – check the correlations between bots visits and Crawl depth, Interlinking level, content size, indexability, duplicates etc.

    If you’re interested, I can make something like a test check and give you a free short review.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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