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    Hi all,

    I am new to the Instagram game with trying to promote my photography business. I was contacted by an account with an above 80k following and they sent me a DM stating that my content fits with their engagement group and that there are 20-35 in each group.

    They told me that I have a one time fee of $100 and I’m return I receive access to 2 engagement groups, a 30 min presentation that has updated algorithm for Instagram, a story promotion on another account that has 15k, another 30 minute presentation, an 80+ book on how one of the accounts grew their page, and a list of over 10 engagement groups.

    They are asking for PayPal and I honestly have no idea what to do here since I’m just starting out – is this some sort of scam? Or is this common for growth?


    Update: Decided not to do it! Thank you to all who helped me make this decision. You guys are the best!


    Sounds like a fake guru selling his BS


    I would be careful. Engagement groups are quite easy for Instagram to find and are decidedly not liked. Every time someone tells me they are joining an engagement group, I ask them a few weeks later how it’s going. Most tell me that almost no one sees the posts except for the few in the engagement group; they usually end up quitting. When there feed is filled with no other posts but the engagement group they are in.

    I would never pay for one, especially when there are so many free ones. I would say take a pass and put in the work. It’ll drive better results in the end.


    you got scammed.


    The only way to grow your Instagram is the ethical way. Don’t fall for people trying to sell followers or likes too.

    CONTENT IS KING. Instead of paying these scammers, pay a social media manager/ freelancer to help you grow your handle.

    Since you’re just starting, Google is your best friend. Read up blogs on your niche. Everything is pretty much available online free of cost!

    You have to be consistent with good content. It takes time but it will be worth it.



    I agree with what other people are saying about this being a scam. Oftentimes, they actually can boost your follower count, but it’s mostly just bot accounts that get suspended eventually so you won’t see any real engagement from them, and you’ll notice your follower count start to dwindle as well. One of the easiest ways to grow your Instagram followers and engagement is to just promote a few posts to get people to click on your profile. If they see your stuff and like what they see, you’ll have gained a real person which is much more valuable than thousands of fake accounts.


    It’s likely a scam. Don’t fall for this garbage.


    Instead of using money on engagement groups you should use instagram inbuilt promotion feature which will fetch you real people likes and views not of bot accounts.


    I think it’s a scam careful


    If you post cool photography you shouldn’t need an engagement pod. The only ones who need those are fake influencers like mommy bloggers and fitness influencers.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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