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    Hi. I use RankMath PRO for on-site optimization, also for adding structured data. Recently I noticed that automatically generated Schema markups (e.g. product, article) are much longer than those I see on competitors pages. After inspection I found out that some parts are repeated a few times in nested types, like company’s address appearing first as the organization address, then as its location, again as the publishers address (the company in question being the publisher), then again as publishers location and even a few times more. Are these redundant markups harmful for SEO? Should I take some action, delete them, manually correct or replace with custom made ones? Could you recommend some resources on how to properly use structured data for SEO? Thank you for help, hope you have a good one.


    I don’t see any harm, but just to make sureā€¦

    * Take 2 different landing pages that rank similarly
    * Edit schema on one (rankmath allows you to do that)
    * Compare their rankings in a month or two.


    A lot of sites use both inline and json+ld structured data and seem to rank just fine. I would also play with other “SEO plugins” to see how they render structured data and compare. Or turn off those features and manage structured data by hand or with a more targeted plugin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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