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    It is necessary for us to take[ link building](https://www.marketingwealthapex.com/what-are-backlinks-how-do-you-use-them/) into consideration when it comes to SEO. A healthy and optimized website requires some maintenance after a long period of time. Finding broken links is one way to accomplish this. You can either remove them or replace them with a new one.

    As a result, your website will not be affected by a reduced performance, and it will achieve a high ranking on Google. The downside is that when managing multiple websites, carrying out this kind of maintenance will be time consuming and tiresome. Our topic today is broken links, how to find them on websites, and how to use different SEO tools, plugins, and extensions to find them.

    ## What are Broken Links?

    Are you familiar with the problem of visiting an interesting website and turning down a purchase after clicking on a link? You will see annoying messages such as “This page no longer exists” and “404 error not found” when you click on a dead link. It is a non-existent page and a Broken Link occurs when an attempt to load the requested page cannot be accomplished. This is because the page or website has been removed or transferred to a new host for the domain name. Alternatively, it can result from a wrong spelling in the link or a change in post url composition. Broken links, regardless of their cause, can harm your website.

    You need to know two types of broken links. [Internal links](https://www.marketingwealthapex.com/what-are-backlinks-how-do-you-use-them/) are the first thing to look at. Your website contains a link to another page. Your website contains it. Secondly, there are external links. Linking from one website to another is called external linking.

    It would be problematic if we lost our search engine ranking or money. Business owners whose main platforms are websites may lose money and clients if broken links are not fixed or solved. Your website may be considered unhelpful by Google if your clients can’t find what they’re searching for as they keep clicking on broken links, which may result in losing potential customers.

    Bounce rate is another factor Google considers when ranking search results. If your website visitors are always redirected to a 404 not found page, it will become frustrating and they will no longer be interested in browsing your site again. Your website may also appear sloppy and untrustworthy due to the error. Your website will suffer if you ignore broken links for too long. Your Google ranking may be affected. Abandoned sites are one factor, as they will push your website down in the search engine rankings, resulting in your website not being indexed by Google.


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