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    I have a question: If you manage social media for several competitors, is there a way to mention them on your website? As proof of your work? Love to know how others do this or not.

    I’d love to highlight some in my blog posts or website but don’t want to “favor” any over another.


    I would not do this unless you’re fine with being fired. Many industries do not like to share employees or contractors with a competitor, and often work it into their agreements to ensure it doesn’t happen. If current clients find out they may see this as high risk, worrying you might share confidential information or use data or strategies you learned at one to benefit another. So I’d keep it to yourself and instead, tout your expertise in that particular vertical in general (e.g. “a wide variety of experience in the restaurant industry”). Just my two cents!


    One can’t reveal this information. It is against the rule of any company.


    Hi! In my experience is better you don’t do that, it’s better for you and for them. I actually never show to my new possible clients my previous work for other companies, I show them my knowledge about it and find other ways. By doing this they also feel like they can trust the fact that you are not going to share their work / info with others in the future.


    If a client wants to leave you a review, have them do it on LinkedIn or Google My Business. You can add that to your website. Its their choice.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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