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    I was wanting to start selling links on about a half dozen adult tube States, all of which are da 50-60,,TF/CF around 30/30, which that have blog sections and resource pages.

    I started the process by posting a thread in the for sale sign in a forum in the adult niche and I’m running into something from every single perspective buyer that I thought was completely taboo / faux pas:

    Even though I give a very detailed breakdown of each site including the niche, traffic metrics, DA, PA, TF, CF, and RDs, it seems each and every one of the people that have contacted me seem to want to demand the specific site urls in advance.

    It’s been my experience observing how other people do it and also as my own experience as a buyer that it’s typically bad practice to either ask for or give out the specific domains prior to delivery, as it creates a giant risk for not only the sites listed, but every site that it links to as you never know if that person asking it happens to be a Google employee on their web spam team.

    I would have remain confident in this assertion had it not been for 20 people in a row almost the exact same questions to ask, a few buyers mainly looky-loos…

    Anyway, the question is is it normal to give out there domain prior to sale and delivery? Or am I correct that that is bad practice and stick to my guns? Thanks in advance


    We don’t deal in black hat stuff here too much. If you don’t have control over the site and don’t have an Avenue to pay how would you get a real link?


    I can see it both ways as selling you don’t want to out your site’s , buying you want to know what you’re getting.

    I guess the reality is that if they buy then they’ll know anyways , most pbns don’t even give reports to keep it anonymous but if I was buying one good link I’d probably want to see the site before I do. So really your call.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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