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    Good morning! I’m a pro wrestler based out of Florida and a lot of what i do has shifted to social media because of covid. I also had an injury that I’ve recovered from but during the rehab process is when I shifted a lot of my attention to social media content. A few of my issues/curiosities are the following….

    – Facebook… My profile has amost 5,000 friends and about 800+ “followers”. I post a video some nights and share to about 40+ wresting related groups as well. Sometimes the videos will get 1k+ views. Others will struggle to hit 200. I don’t know if length of the video matters or not. Is it possible to post too often? Or do posts I make throughout the day effect videos at night? I hope this makes sense. I do have a “Page” as well with 1k+ likes but I kinda quit on working on it. It seems nothing on that page gets views or likes unless I’m paying money.

    – Twitter, over 13k followers but I post something and get 10-20 likes. Sometimes less. I got followers by following accounts into wrestling. It worked out. But I wonder if I post too little? Should I spamming the hell out of my twitter? I currently post maybe once every other day. My motivation has been dropping.

    – Instagram, I can’t figure out how to get followers unless I follow other accounts as well. I post a lot of gym stuff as well as videos. It seems like no matter what, even with over 2k followers, a IGTV Video gets like 20 views. It’s depressing to an extent to put in the work and barely have it seen. Do hashtags matter? Length matter? I really wish I could figure IG out. The most recent advice I’ve seen says post 3x a day at least.

    Thanks for ANY advice. I really appreciate all of you guys’ and gals’ time!


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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