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    Posted by seohelper on October 12, 2021 at 2:02 pm

    Just doing a pulse check to see where y’all are at on this…

    I’ve been in the game a while but only recently got into running my own websites. Right now, I’m trying to decide how to approach privacy notices. And I do not have a substantial European audience.

    Currently, the only cookies I’m pulling are via Google Analytics and WordPress itself. I have a clear privacy policy in place, but no other notice on the page. I’m not selling any kind of user data, or developing any kind of user profile beyond what GA is doing by default.

    I’m concerned that the closer I get to GDPR compliance, the less data I’ll be able to pull via GA. Full compliance – which as far as I can tell, requires an opt-in to gather any data – would likely mean the vast majority of my traffic would be untrackable via GA. That really doesn’t work for me, as I need some way to measure my site’s performance.

    From what I can tell, there’s a spectrum of options available:

    * No cookies notice (but clear privacy policy in place)
    * A simple cookies notice informing people, but not allowing refusal
    * A simple cookies notice that informs people and allows refusal, but assumes acceptance by default
    * (maybe something else in between these two?)
    * Full GDPR compliance, which as far as I can tell, requires an opt-in for any cookies.

    How are y’all approaching privacy, cookies, and compliance? What impact do you think this kind of thing has on SEO, even if we’re just talking about a US-based audience?

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