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    Hello all,

    I think it might be time to add a “social media management” tab on my website. Wondering how to best do that. Kind of leaning towards screenshotting some posts I am proud of and making an image gallery. Can any professionals here share their portfolio website with me? Looking for inspiration.



    Screenshots of some of your best posts is a good start. I’d also recommend adding some analytical data. It’s not enough to just show that you can make a good post, but what IMPACT did your posts make? Do you have data that shows an increase in traffic/conversions based on the work you put into managing a social media account? Do you have previous employers or clients you could snag a testimonial from? You could also, with permission of course, create a case study on a client or business you worked with demonstrating how your social media strategy benefitted them.


    For myself, I linked to case studies that I made on Slideshare. You can use some pretty templates from slidescarnival.net.


    Analytics is what prospective clients are going to want to see. Do a social media tab. Call it “Social Media Successes” and provide case study type explanation of the before, planning, executing and what happened after. Make it easy to understand with pretty infographics, etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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