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    Up to 70% of the traffic of my website comes from Pinterest, about 20% from Google. Now I mainly focus on Google SEO like adding backlinks, optimizing keywords. But on Pinterest, I only post images and titles, nothing more.

    Should I do more on Pinterest and How?


    What niche are you in? I work in weddings and Pinterest is huge for us.

    Of course anything fashion, home decor etc is going to do well on there.

    Pinterest is a search engine. Similar strategies apply and I do keyword research within Pinterest for our content.

    You can get high traffic numbers if you manage to get one of your pins to blow up.

    Be aware though that it is a different kind of traffic. We do sometimes get people opting in and enquiring via Pinterest, but traffic from Google where there is a clear intent to buy is obviously going to convert better.

    A quick tip is to search on Pinterest for what keyword you think your image is. Then Pinterest will suggest similar keywords in their search bar for you. Just like Google, these are terms that other users have searched for. Include these in your title and description and make sure you link the pin to the relevant page on your site.

    There’s more to it than that of course but it’s a good place to start! Good luck.


    Use both


    I would take a look at your conversions. What traffic is actually driving an action that makes you some money?


    Depends. Analyze time on site, pages viewed, conversions. Don’t just look at volume.


    do more pinterest if you get more conversions from pinterest. do more google if your conversions come from google. i started a side project/case study site in 2017 – the site now has thousands of pages and articles. it never pulled a penny or ranked well in google for anything organically (which was expected). then i decided to throw pinterest in the mix… just basic image posts of the sites niche (automotive stuff), and holy cow. with minimal effort – 705k impressions, 389k audience, 27k engagements. 20k engaged audience…

    as for the “how” part of your question – i havent found any real formula for successful pins, but just consistent posting of stuff in your niche to a variety of boards with some repins here and there is all ive done. i used to link every pin back to the homepage of the site, now i will pin a batch of similar or related photos with a link to specific article on my site or page just to increase the relevancy a bit.


    I think you should also give pin description from your post meta description.


    Flipping my focus from Google to Pinterest was the best thing I done for my blog.

    I still optimize every post for Google, but whatever Google find the good grace to send me is bonus, I’m all about Pinterest.


    Use Both!!


    I recommend Google for every niche, but I’m not in DIY


    My client site which is health and wellness gets good traffic from pinterest i post weekly


    Giving authority to a site such as Pinterest the ability to use your Facebook, Google or Twitter login gives Pinterest the ability to data mine all of the information you have given to the other site. Pinterest does not need to collect any information from you. it already has this from Facebook or Twitter


    u/Stylaly is the Pinterest traffic good quality and how does it compare to your Google traffic? I’ve seen clients get a lot of traffic from Pinterest in the past but when I check Google Analytics, the traffic always seems to be poor quality, e.g. low bounce rate, low time on site and often coming from strange locations around the world. I know Pinterest can be a great social media tool but I’ve never seen a case where the effort on Pinterest should out-weight that’s put in to Google SEO.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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