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    I am promoting my app through google ads and have the following ratios:

    Impression / clicks: 2.5%

    Downloads / clicks: 35%

    Downloads / Impressions: 0.85%

    So would this be considered a good campaign?

    Any thoughts are very much welcomed!

    PS: this campaign is only based on headlines & descriptions / I dont have any images/videos/html etc…


    It’s good if it’s profitable or aligns with your marketing plan goals


    Any other ideas? Appreciate a bit more specific replies


    What’s the goal here? Is it just Install?
    Also, it’s important to use videos and images. From experience, they have a much better performance than text. Also, if the app is on iOS, don’t run iOS campaigns in Google. Save the money and run them instead on Apple Search Ads. It’s a lot more efficient than Google.
    Finally, what’s the MMP you’re using to measure performance? Google won’t give you the full picture. You need to know how many people opened the app after downloading it, what actions they took, etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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