Paying $600 a month for SEO…when should I expect results?

Forum White Hat SEO Paying $600 a month for SEO…when should I expect results?

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    Six months and no results? This sounds like money down the drain. You need to switch companies.

    It does not take six months to rank, at least if you’re using a good company. A more reasonable time frame is 3 months.

    What type of business is this? You should post your website.


    I run a timeshare exit company and I’m looking for help in the digital marketing area. I do quite a bit of it myself. If you’re interested in this space, send me a message and we can chat.


    If you want quick leads, spend on ads.


    What type of business do you own?

    Why did you stop the Google Ads campaign? You made over $4,000 on $800 spent. I’m sure you could improve on that, but that still is a good ROI.


    Results can take 3 – 6 months and even then depending on the starting point results don’t necessarily mean high ranks. We need to know more about your business/the landscape of your industry. $600 could be a decent budget, or it could be basically nothing if you’re competing against businesses that have monthly budgets in the thousands.

    The most important thing is if you’re struggling and using SEO as a Hail Mary you’re going to be disappointed. I’d recommend going back to your SEM campaign if this is the case as results are more instantaneous and you already have achieved results with it.


    The SEO and site overhaul was done in September…as in last month or September 2019?

    If it was just done last month, you still have about a 6-9 month runway to start seeing things ramp up. This is just a blind assessment from my end without actually seeing the website. There’s a chance that what you think was an “overhaul” might not be good enough of an overhaul from a consultant’s perspective.

    It sounds like you need quick results though, which in the case I would continue running PPC with any budget you can. SEO absolutely needs to be done, but if your knuckles are turning white from anxiety about not seeing enough growth then you’ll need to stick with paid advertising for the short term.


    Any SEO campaign you can see results tween 3 to 6 months. GMB within a few weeks when done properly. I’m always here for free advice.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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