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    Long time lurker first time poster. I have a local business website that I am trying to uprank. Business has very good reviews on both yelp, google, facebook and some other niche websites.

    However the websites domain authority (and it’s money making keywords ranking), have stalled in the last year or so.

    I am writing great content weekly and even gotten a few of my blog posts to the top page for several keywords… They generate in aggregate ~300 views/day… BUT there isn’t anyone backlinking to my content organically :/.

    95% of my backlinks currently are from low rep sites doing image collections and their up/down trends seems very random and not related to my content at all.

    Should I give up on organic content altogether or is there anything I can do better?


    Some would say 300 uniques per day is good. After a year it depends. On local it could be allright.

    Organic links are hard to get. A lot of people preach “concentrate in amazing and unique content and the BLs will come.

    That can happen. But most people just buy links or spend too much time in outreach.

    Depending in your niche y put may need more BLs to increase organic traffic. It depends on your competitors off page seo metrics for ranking.

    Check out Ahrefs backlink checker for some competitors and find out how you need to approach BLs.

    Organically it could take a lot of time. Or possibly never if the content isn’t what people want to link to.

    Good luck.


    You definitely need BLs with correct anchor texts to point at your money pages. You also need to make sure that page is relevant to your site.

    Since a news site can cover virtually any topic, this is my preferred Avenue and one that has brought me tremendous result.

    If you’re serious about moving up on the search engine result page, PM me and I’ll connect you to them.


    Out reach. Awesome content is step one. Step 2 is finding how’s “talking” in your sector and get them to talk about you.

    There’s a snow ball effect. The first few links are super hard to get, then it will start happening by itself. (Depending on your sector).

    Also, create a mailing list for “press”, and take good care of them. Writers who work in your sector, professionals, ect.


    I would suggest you to create some do follow back link with high DA of relevant Niche.

    once your website came up with high DA KEYWORDS will automatically up.


    If you’re not doing it already, consider linking contextually from your blog posts to your money pages. Use your money keywords as the anchor text for these links.

    I’ve recently worked on the onpage optimization for a huge cryptocurrency blog, and doing what I mentioned above had a tremendous impact on the rankings 🙂


    No, do not give up.


    Many times it lies in your ability to promote your content.

    Because how can people link to your content if they do not know it exists, right?


    You should therefore spend time building relationships with people in your niche and or trying to get relationships with influencers so that you can get some publicity. However, this is the long-term plan, as it requires you to engage in conversations, post new and interesting content to the same group, or reach out with content that you think they need to include in their postings.

    If you are a totally badass, then you suggest writing free content for them, without backlinks or anything. Just to have a relationship with them so they can see how good you are.


    There are many different tools that you can use to find and reach out to influencers. But most cost money and they usually lack one or two things that you then need to find in another tool.


    I would also give tools like Tatimize’s Link Community feature a try. Here they use NLP to analyze your content, find relevant link opportunities for you, and allow you to reach out to the owners of the relevant link opportunities, and get a link. All in one tool. They should have a 3-month free trial but I think they have a queue right now, so you have to sign up for a waiting list. But at least it’s free, so you have nothing to lose.


    If you’re not doing it already, consider linking contextually from your blog posts to your money pages. Use your money keywords as the anchor text for these links.


    Check for your competitors’ backlinks and see how they content is linked backed. There are various backlink checker tools available that will help you. You are doing a good work by focusing on organic traffic.


    create a noteworthy piece of content and pitch it. video works best. this requires budget. high quality links aren’t given for free, whether you purchase them, manually build them, or create content and pitch it. you can create backlinks on hundreds of high DA websites that are anchored to your money keywords for free. be creative. you can get a dofollow backlink on google and tons on reddit with a little research and work. .edu’s are great, too. also web 2.0, forums, directories, and citations.

    the focus of your content shouldn’t be to garner backlinks. on page content should anchor to your keywords multiple times and link within your site, with optimized meta. tags and categories are very powerful. make sure your content is 1000 words or more, and create a backlink strategy independent of your on page content.


    Parallel industries; who else is trying to reach your customer but is NOT selling a directly competing product?

    THAT is who will link to you…if you link to the first and build a referall type relationship


    Use your great organic content and send out thousands of emails to people who might be interested in linking to it on their site.

    Organic backlinks are not something to rely on, as they’re essentially by chance, you have to contact people.

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