One of our stores lost its 50% revenue due to 1 corona postive worker

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media One of our stores lost its 50% revenue due to 1 corona postive worker

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    One of our stores lost its 50% revenue due to 1 corona postive worker


    Can we get an idea on your region/country?

    What % is returning customers vs. new customers? Is it a loyal group?


    I think you have to be public about what you’re doing to keep people safe. A safety page showing the steps you’re taking to keep everyone safe and healthy.


    Odd, what’s the region? Wonder if more to the story on the backlash.

    Here monitoring my area is pretty good when the company comes out, it’s when the companies try to hide it there is backlash if it comes out on social media.

    If this isn’t US though then I wouldn’t know.


    We’ve had a couple of our restaurant clients have to deal with this exact problem. It’s extremely important to be 100% up front and transparent with this. Also great to outline the things that you’ve done to mitigate the issue. Below is the caption that we used to post about this restaurant’s problem on IG:

    *Dear friends and family, we regret to inform you that one of our staff members has tested positive for COVID-19. As a result we are closing down effective immediately. We will reopen on July 12th, pending further test results. We want you to know we are tackling this with all precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of you and our *** family.⁠*
    *•Our entire staff will undergo tests for COVID-19⁠*
    *•Staff members will self-quarantine for the next two weeks. ⁠*
    *•We are in the process of a full-sanitation of the premises following all CDC guidelines⁠*
    *Despite our team’s best efforts to comply and commit to operating safely, this is an example of how anyone can be vulnerable to COVID-19. Please take this as a precaution to follow all social-distancing guidelines to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Please wear a mask, stay safe and understand we are just as committed to making sure we’ll be ready for you when we reopen.*


    This is more of a PR problem because you should have prepared your clients before having a case and assure them after on how you’ve taken measures. However, it sounds very strange to me that people got that scared that they decided not to come to your store at all. I have clients that reported sick employees but their sales weren’t impacted that much.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly do you sell? Maybe you are seeing a drop in revenue because of the type of product/service that you have and you are feeling the impact a bit later which is normal for most businesses.

    Another scenario would be that you haven’t adapted your strategy to new customer needs. I work with a restaurant and they had to close during covid BUT they started offering take-out so I have adapted the ad copy, keywords, ad extension, landing pages etc. They didn’t lose any business.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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