Not sure how to setup your Facebook pixel or where to begin. Here’s a brief tutorial to get you started! Feel free to ask questions!

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Not sure how to setup your Facebook pixel or where to begin. Here’s a brief tutorial to get you started! Feel free to ask questions!

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    First, you have to verify the domain with FB. You can do this by either 1. Uploading an HTML file to the website’s root directory, 2. Adding a meta-tag to the <head> section of your domain page, or 3. By DNS verification which requires you to add a TXT record in your DNS config. Neither of these options are exactly easy if you don’t know your way around websites.

    Second, you need install the FB pixel code on your website. FB explains these instructions step by step. After that, you need to go to the pixel settings and set up your conversion API. It will have a button that says “Choose Partner.” This is the button you want to click on. The partner they are referring to is the actual ecommerce side of your website such as WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Magento, ETC. You will need the login to those portions of your web stack in order to connect it.

    **setting up the Conversion API is VERY important. With the changes that iOS 14, your pixel has a chance to miss out on important data. With the CAPI, the events are fired on the server side of your website. You still need to install the pixel code on your website. Events from both WILL be deduplicated.**

    Third, go back to the pixel settings under data sources in your business manager. Select your pixel, and then click “Aggregated Event Measurement.” Then click “Configure Web Events.” Select your website and click “Manage Events.” Now you’ll have a screen that either has no events, or has some events ranked from highest priority to lowest. Depending on your website and what your ultimate goal is for users, you need to select which one is most important. For example, if you sell things on your website, the conversion event will need to be at the top of the priority list, since that is the number one action you want users to do. Then you will list the other events on your website in order of importance. If you don’t know much about ecommerce or funnels, this section might be a little hard for you to complete. FINALLY click submit.

    Next, what I would do is go back to your pixel and open the event setup tool and double check that all your buttons and links are firing for the events that you want. Again, this might be hard if you’re not aware of ecommerce and such. To help you, make sure that “Track events automatically without code” is turned ON. As events happen on your website, this will help to automatically generate those events without having to manually set it up. Again, you are still going to want to keep an eye on it and make sure those events are correct and nothing is missing.

    As for the maximum of 8 events, it is referring to the fact that you can only have 8 events. Before, you could have as many different events on your website that you could make up (in theory). Now FB will only keep track of the highest priority event that happens on your website. For instance, if a customer completes check out and purchases an item from your store, they will no longer track them as an “add to cart” event, only the “conversion” event.

    This can definitely be super complicated if you’ve never done it before, and it’s best to ask for help instead of trying to go it alone and potentially screw up your ads! If you have any other questions, feel free to reply here and I’ll try my best to answer them! Happy Socialing!


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    If you don’t plan to use all the benefits of the Facebook Pixel, don’t bother. Not only are you giving Facebook information about your users for free (and need to update your privacy policy because of it) but it also slows your site speed down by loading additional javascript.

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