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    So lately, Parler, for example, has gotten more popular (not wanting to discuss the political side of things, only professional social media). As a social marketer for brands, I like to keep my eye out for new platforms and scope whether or not it’s worth it to venture out and be an early adopter, or wait to see if the platform has legs. So I wanted to get the thoughts of others.

    What is your opinion of Parler, Marco Polo, Yubo and Citizen? Or other platforms with promise I didn’t mention?

    (FYI I’m in the US, just in case some apps are more popular in other countries)


    I haven’t tried any of those yet, I will check them out, I have been playing around with Liker, True, MeWe and Vero. No matter the program, it is always hard to get friends and family over to a new platform. Unfortunately, Facebook has set the standards for social media, but I think things are changing especially the TikToks. But I’m not a content creator, I just like socializing with my friends, showing them pictures, chatting and wanting privacy and no adds and happy to pay subscription if the price app is what I am looking for.


    Highly recommend Parler right now even if its conservative. Launched an account on there without any cross-promotion from my followers on other platforms and have gained 3,000 active followers in a week.

    My page is not politically aligned with either side. It’s just movie and TV content

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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