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    So, I just started a new position as an SEO strategist for a company in my home country. I’ve had some but not a lot of experience in SEO, and due to the lack of knowledge in my country on the topic, I was hired for a position I am mildly underqualified for. Although with the right attitude I know I can pull t off and I have been.

    The issue I have is that I don’t know how to organize my day to day and sometimes I find myself with no activities to do, like:

    1. The core web vitals project we are working on is getting it done with the web team
    2. The content strategy designed by me is being taken care of by the content team
    3. We don’t have the manpower or time available for link building currently due to Christmas campaigns.
    4. Technical SEO is something I think I am missing or am not looking at it the right way. Like we work on it but other than schema mark up, meta descriptions, canonical, I don’t know what else to check for.

    Any advice, tip, or comment is welcomed. I like SEO and I want to succeed in this role.

    Thank you in advance for your help


    Borken links!

    Edit: sorry for the Swedish chef, *broken* links


    Have you crawled your existing website and identified quick fixes such as file/image sizes?

    What about robots.txt?

    Internal linking?

    Depending on the size of your website that should keep you busy for a moment. Do some reading too, it’ll help you do your job better.


    So SEO strategy is about taking an objective or set of objectives and applying tactical activities to achieve that. Let’s say your companies strategic activity is to be #1 or as close to #1 for a number of keywords. That’s your strategic goal. Everything else is tactical. What you’re running out of is tactical game plans to get you there.

    Content Strategy – you give this 1 line but how are we to know what that is? I can spend days thinking about content ideas (youtube, blog posts, SEO landing pages) – I just don’t have enough writers. Why not break these out instead of assuming its complete?




    There are differing philosophies, but as an SEO Director for a large healthcare company, my focus is on scalable SEO initiatives.

    Start by looking at the entire website as the SEO product and ask yourself what tools can be built that are useful to your users that scale SEO?


    Reporting on results from what you’ve set in motion so you don’t get sacked for being seen to be sitting around doing nothing

    Opportunities research

    Competitor research

    Educating the Dev/Content/Management team in best practices

    Figuring out how to translate your successes into numbers your boss gives a shit about (hint: “First Contentful Paint” and “Visibility” ain’t this)

    That should see you through to 2040 and beyond


    If you don’t have time for link building, you make time for link building. It’s only, you know, the most important thing


    If you don’t have time for link building, you make time for link building. It’s only, you know, the most important thing


    Not a single piece of advice is about… strategy?

    Respectfully, you should be in a junior role working with experienced seniors for a few years


    In my agency we spend down time: learning new skills (courses – GIT, Linux, SSH, dev, server admin, security, admin, spreadsheets), shadowing senior people (including other rolls outside SEO), refining SOPs – timing them, working on internal projects, talking to clients and updating their details.


    Regarding specific works, you can also do or check these things:

    1. Do something to created backlink on other sites
    2. Produce blogs or other content to get original keywords, or improve their rank
    3. Compare original keywords of competitors and find ways to cover the keywords you are missing

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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