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    For those who manage FB pages, are you running in to the same issues I am? In the “Classic” layout, notifications were divided by like/comment/share/mention/etc, and you could click on each type to view every interaction of that kind. I used this function to respond to every mention/share of our business.

    Now, the notification tab takes you to a single page, and provides a single “3 people shared your posts,” but doesn’t allow you to see what they shared! Now I can’t respond to any comments about our business? This seems like a horrible layout decision, and it lowers my ability to connect with our guests. Am I just missing something or is this just a terrible design?


    New Facebook in general has so many missing features. Yes, it’s terrible.


    Ours has kicked everyone off the page after the update. Facebook has still not been helpful at all (not shocked). Still submitting help tickets pointing out the correlation between “new Facebook” updates and user removal and I just get the “were not here to settle disputes” answer.


    I keep declining the new layout. They’ve let me stay in classic for the past few weeks but I’m anticipating it going away soon.


    I’ve noticed a drop in engagement since they changed the layout. Anyone else?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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