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    Consistency is the key to grow in social media platform. That’s why if some body hire a person for social media post creation with graphic design then both parties might be benefited.

    So which social media platform will perform best for promotion of this kind of social media post creation and management services?


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    I can recommend you, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are very Big and powerful way for promotion, This is the platform where people are traveling online for a log time and through this way we can promote our things very well. we need to do good content or post for our people.


    Instagram as a skill representation/profile and pinterest for audience reach/niche searches (connect back to instagram profile)


    Twitter has proved to drive most of the Social Media Promotion share. There you can promote your product/website/event to a largest public and perhaps in a more engaging way as compared to other platform.


    Digital marketing is a core strategy and it consists with various marketing platforms which helps to make a digital marketing platform worldwide.
    Every social media platform is best in present scenario,Its all up to you and your product/service that helps you to promote.
    There are many platforms like-
    Youtube, Instagram, Facebook these platform are very helpful in case of promotion.
    1.Youtube- It will give you the views and subscription option which helps your product to come on the top.
    2.Instagram- It will give you the reach of customers in a small period of time.
    3.Facebook- It is a very broad platform which helps you to grow more and give chances of getting a lot opportunities.


    Social media has become a great place for promoting a business. Social offers have a large number of users which allows the businesses to target potential customers accordingly through the help of strategic social media campaigns and paid campaigns.

    Even though every social media has large user base, but out of the big 3 i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, facebook has the highest number of users nearing about 3 billion users. Such a huge volume of users gives companies the freedom to strategically carve out their customer base. Furthermore, the paid advertisement rates of Facebook is much less compared to those of Twitter and LinkedIn which makes it more economical compared to other social media websites.


    If you want to target a B2B audience then I believe LinkedIn would be the best choice.
    If your target audience is Small businesses then you should go for Facebook advertising.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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