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    I just redid my account structure for my e-commerce site. I was hoping I could get some feedback

    1. Brand campaign – contains mostly phrase or exact keywords with my brand name in them

    2. Prospecting campaign – contains ad groups comprised of broad keywords relating to my products

    3. Targeting campaign – contains ad groups of exact or phrase keywords relating to my products. The ad groups match the ones in the prospecting campaign.

    When I get conversions from the prospecting campaign, I negate the exact match from that campaign and ad it as an exact match in my target campaign. By sperating this out into two campaigns , I can control the ad spend on each.


    Ah shit forgot to add I also have a remarketing campaign in the display ad Network retargeting visitors to my website.


    So Alpha/Beta structure yes? I usually have BMM keywords and phrase in the beta/ prospecting campaign and only exact match in the Alpha campaign, that’s me personally though.


    There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you go this route too.


    1. Make sure you have all the keywords you are implementing in the prospecting campaign as exact negatives in your targeting campaign so you don’t double serve.
    2. Have a threshold of what data is considered good enough to be put into the targeting campaign. It depends on industry, budget, etc, but generally, if it’s gotten 3 conversions from different users in the last 30 days or so it’s going to be a good keyword/search term to target in your alpha campaign (IMO).
    3. I’d consider using phrase in the beta campaign and only using exact for your alpha. Google’s is only getting more lenient with what qualifies as exact with their new use of “close variants”. This will allow you better control as the manager and will help the alpha campaign flourish with conversions and hopefully no bad/low quality traffic.

    Edit: I just noticed you said it’s an ecommerce website. You should look into testing a shopping campaign too. You can use a similar campaign structure with shopping but you’d focus more on the negative keywords you use to make that work. One for more broad/cheaper product clicks/search terms. Then another shopping campaign that has negatives of broad searches to work on getting more detailed product searches which ideally will help get more conversions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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