Need some advice: I am thinking of doing some free training for marketers, content creators or CMOs.

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Need some advice: I am thinking of doing some free training for marketers, content creators or CMOs.

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    I’ll post them publically available to this subreddit once I create them (If the mods are OK with that). That said, I need some help focusing.

    Recently a lot of companies I’ve worked with have had difficulty justifying marketing expenses.

    I come from a SEO background, so I came up with some processes that allow businesses to create content for social and ads while leveraging that same content for SEO. That way, they can lower their investments in content creation as a whole while getting the same outcomes (if they’re already doing SEO) or slightly increase content investments to achieve more ROI per $ spent.

    I think there are a lot of businesses struggling in a time that is ripe with opportunity to build an audience, right now, via social & PR, and long term, from Google.

    I’m needing some help though. I’m wondering where to start with this content.

    What would you choose to learn first?

    * How to easily set up your website to make Google love you
    * How to create 1 month of content in 1 day
    * Resurrecting old content to get more current traffic
    * How to discover profitable SEO opportunities in YOUR business

    Let me know what you would choose and your thoughts.

    If the mods are kind enough to allow me to, I’ll post the training here once I’ve shot the videos.


    I would reach out to each of the companies and ask them if they’d be interested in working with you on any/all of the above. We can try to guess, but that’s just it – a guess.

    I’m launching a small coaching program shortly for solopreneurs looking to narrow down the focus of their business and scale as well, if interested


    1 month of content in 1 day!!!


    Last point is definitely most interesting to me!
    Feel free to PN me after you wrote it. Would love to read.and share.


    Id love to learn more about the last point! Very much excited to watch the videos, thank you for this!


    1 month of content in a day? Is it even possible? Would totally like to watch some tutorial on that topic.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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