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    Hello everyone. My cousin who is a professional model (photo, catwalk) has an insta page with 40k followers. The problem is that an year ago or so somebody lied to her and told her they would boost followers. What actually happened is that she got up to 10k fake followers. Her posts have around 700 likes, barely goes up to 1k. Could anyone please give me an advise how to grow the engagement on her profile. I think those fake profiles really affect the success of her page.


    Currently using reels helps a lot since they’re trending, here are some some other things to try:

    Delete ghost followers.
    Post consistently.
    Engage with other accounts in her niche.
    Engage with her followers.
    Go live & post stories often.
    Do contest/giveaways.
    Understand how to use her analytics.


    There is no secret to engagement. Create things that people want to engage with. Ask question. Ask opinions. Ask people which they would choose – a, b or c. Make a show with episodes that people want to come back to. The fake followers aren’t dragging you down much.


    Delete all the fake followers and grow them organically through engagement. If you’re cousin is looking for a paid service tell her to get in touch I know someone who’ll does it for a living and doesn’t buy followers


    Instagram overall is a dying platform but I would recommend doing collaborations and being more active on her page by doing new things like reels or different types of looks. She can also try to branch out to other social media platforms to optimize her platforms.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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