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    Facebook has blocked the sharing of pixel data from my domain. I made sure I was in line with all policies and terms, and after requesting an appeal 4-5 times, still no dice.

    The site is for an addiction and mental health facility and the ads account has been open and running for years. After much digging I found what I think to be the policy Facebook considers me in violation of: “The collection of data from users that are likely to be suffering from addiction, likely to have suffered from mental or emotional harm” (this is under the “prohibited website domains and apps” on Facebook business)

    Unfortunately, that’s my client base! So can’t change that.

    So now I am resigned to create a new ad strategy that doesn’t use pixel data.

    Any advice on the strategy? Or any advice on navigating the situation a different way?


    What about Google Ads?


    Try Taboola


    Unfortunately the main channel for addiction or mental health is display/programmatic for this reason. Especially retargeting.

    The display and native exchanges are much less sensitive to this content and it scales easily.

    So for Facebook that’s a no brainer to move over to. Some people mention taboola and that’s one of many native networks we use but we buy programmatically, not direct so we aren’t in 5-10+ platforms, performance is better and CPMs are actually cheaper.

    You can do display, native, pre roll, connected tv and radio. We handle a couple of big players in this space if you need tips.

    Display won’t drive as many calls as search but you can do contextual, very granular targeting and drive a crapload of retargeting which I find superior to Facebook. Calls won’t be as high as Google but similar to Facebook.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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