My company is looking for a new SEO agency. What should we look for during our search?

Forum White Hat SEO My company is looking for a new SEO agency. What should we look for during our search?

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    Ohhh here we go again, a bunch of people trying to get hired…

    From my personal experience , couple of freelancers can be much more effective and cheaper.

    But you will still need the person who will check on their work.

    So my advice is to hire one or two SEO (let’s call them experts) :D. And break the tasks to

    1. Technical SEO
    2. Onsite SEO
    3. Offsite SEO

    All those 3 when they are breaked to into separate tasks can be managed without too much effort.


    SEO Agencies are RIPPING you OFF!


    “Ranking well but no conversion” hmm so did you have separated the informative keywords and money making keywords? You should have taken extra care of it. You have to pay extra focus on money making keywords. Keep an eye on the GSC and GA and compare the CTR weekly basis 4 times a month. Then you will realise what’s going on and what to do.

    Couple month ago we got a client from Canada they complain about their current agency. And started with me an e-commerce website (national) and 1 local business website and GMB. After one month they gave us 27 new clients. And now we are doing fantastic, brings phone calls ,leads and sells though.

    So my advice is before hire some one ask them about the current projects and a comparing reports though.

    Yea SEO is a long term game but the 1st month or first couple month is an indicator to understand what’s going on . You will realise about the movements that you are with right agency or not.


    You forgot the most important detail. What are you trying to rank for? Lol
    All the people pitching without knowing that are clueless.


    Mind sharing what your budget is?


    Just curious, as to why you’re tasking your SEO company with doing backlink work, why would you do that? In theory, the (SEO) company that you’re paying for, are supposed to be the experts, if you pay them for their guidance, you shouldn’t be telling them how to do their job, they are there to help you rank your web pages, and get more relevant traffic.

    What you need to do is find an agency, that will continue with a strong content marketing campaign, but at the same time, help you improve your service pages, so you get a lot more conversions.


    SEO is very important for the company to develop an online presence in the market. The following points you should Ask Agency or freelance to analyze their work

    * Always ask about their previous work
    * Results of previous work
    * Working experience
    * Having knowledge of On-page, Off-page & Technical SEO
    * Understanding of Search engine algorithm

    This point helps you to find out the Agency or Freelance that is the best fit for your company


    I would find an agency that provides clear deliverables each month and has accountability for the keywords they’re working on. Each month I have a list of top keywords I show the client how their ranks change each month (ideally it decreases each month). Something like that.


    Hire a friend, not an agency. Somebody that actually gives a [email protected]


    SEO… more like White Hat SEO is a art and requires time and dedication. However there are ways to have multiple revenue streams through a blog which also helps big time with your SEO.

    There are multiple ways to enhance your SERPs ranking. Some of my favorite are:

    1) Long Form blog articles. Comprehensive and detailed backed with excellent research and references.

    Other bloggers read your article and while writring their own link to you. This is a great way of getting quality backlinks without even asking for them.

    2) The second best ways to get backlinks without asking is by creating great viral quality Infographics that automatically people link to and share.

    3) Fixing Broken Links

    4) Using DoFollow Directories.

    5) Using NoFollow links to drive traffic to your great long form article so it gets back links.

    The most challenging and third most important factor for SEO are backlinks.

    Lemme me know if you need more help. I do it because I love it.

    You can reach me at [email protected]


    Was looking into semrush ourselves earlier in the season. Pretty costly corporate solution. Was quoted $600 /mo for the api solution. Also keep in mind someone will have to analyze and maintain the system internally. Let’s say a minor role at $2,000-2,500 /mo.

    Not sure what agency pricing is for you but we’ve been steered (by the industry) to keep everything in-house. It’s easier managed and offers more security for the smaller budget we have.


    I would recommend you not to hire a total SEO specialist. They tend to focus only on rankings and traffic, but not on sales or lead generation. Look for more holistic online Marketing agencies.


    Check out The best agencies will have the highest rating but clutch also breaks down specifics like technical or content based and ppc.


    Availability, I prefer going with smaller agencies that will work their tail off to keep you as a customer rather than becoming a second-class project for bigger agencies that will outsource the contract to said smaller companies anyway.

    I think finding a young team of hungry SEOers is better than sticking with older, more established agencies.

    But it all depends on what you’re looking for…

    A) What’s your company’s business?

    B) Are you a small or medium company?

    C) How much are you ready to invest in SEO?

    A smaller but consistent engagement is better than big expensive pushes every few months.

    I hope this can help you out!

    I am objective, and do not work for any web agency. I just worked with a lot of them in the last 6-7 years.


    We need some more questions answered. What is the industry and service / product, what are the keywords or examples, what are the KPIs and the agreements of your service. Service area. Etc.

    Its true that SEOs duties aren’t to provide conversions unless hired to do so in the scope. But its also kind of common sense that if you want to stay hired, you need to care about results. If you’re not the one doing conversion rate optimization, you need to advise the client to do so.

    Also weird they don’t respect backlinks. Its a confirmed top 3 factor for ranking according to Google’s own execs.


    I would suggest you to go through the previous work of the agency you are going to hire. The clients which they are working on, this will help you to understand their work and everything.

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