Moz DA vs Ahrefs DR – Which one is most trusted in 2021?

Forum White Hat SEO Moz DA vs Ahrefs DR – Which one is most trusted in 2021?

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    I know both are just matrics tools to do Google’s guesswork of ranking and i shouldn’t rely on any of it. I used to follow moz DA in past years but now i am bit confused about choosing between them?


    I would trust Moz DA first if I were you.
    But as you said well, they are just metrics created by Moz and Ahref. Focus on topical mesh first đŸ™‚


    Ahrefs does everything better than moz but that’s just my opinion


    Neither of them have anything to do with rankings.

    That being said, DA has always sucked, still sucks, and will probably continue to suck.


    Ahrefs has some videos about some of their metrics. I’ll say this: be careful how you use their metrics to make decisions.

    For example: Keyword Difficulty in Ahrefs = total number of backlinks for page 1 sites. It doesn’t take the authority or internal links into account.

    Moz uses ML and their database to attempt to recreate Google’s SERPs, the assigns their metrics based on that.


    I use Ahrefs DR for clients and Moz DA plugin just for my own quick reference when on SERPs.


    Aherfs is better.


    Thanks everyone for your input i have decided to go with Ahrefs DR


    We use Yext, but that’s not really my area. Does anyone know how it compares?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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