Most people recommend Manual CPC for your first Google Ads campaign, but how do you know what price to bid at?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Most people recommend Manual CPC for your first Google Ads campaign, but how do you know what price to bid at?

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    How does Manual CPC make sense for first time advertisers if they have no data to go by (ecom)? You could get an average from Keyword Planner, but that’s just an average…

    Wouldn’t it be better to start with automatic Maximize Clicks and run that for a few weeks until you gather enough data, then change to manual CPC?

    Even with Enhanced CPC, it doesn’t seem like it would work properly unless you’re getting 10-20 conversions per month. Or am I missing something?


    I don’t think I’ve seen Manual CPC recommended for first time campaigns. Max Clicks is the safest bet imho provided you have at least some country geo targeting in place and no Search Partners or Display network.


    Start with the keyword planner suggestions, they normally aren’t too far off. It’s also better to start on the higher end then bring it down because you risk not gaining any impressions if you start too low. It can take a couple weeks to find the sweet spot.

    I don’t recommend ever using maximize clicks unless it’s a brand awareness campaign or if clicks are a main metric you use to measure success. It tends to go off the rails most often in my experience.


    maximize clicks with limit. also manual cpc with enhanced enabled isn’t bad. You can better pay a higher cpc in the beginning to give your start a boost. High ctr, good quality scores and lower the cpc.


    I either take the suggested bid from the keyword planner or do 2% (average ecommerce conversion rate) x 50% (roas margin, I know that you have to use up sells and mailing lists to increase ltv, but I want to make a profit on the initial sale ) x product price


    If you have no idea, just start somewhere and adjust. Maybe $1, or just apply the 1st page bid, or the average bid from KW research. Wherever you start, it becomes your reference point. Adjust from there.


    Right. If you don’t know, then find out. Of course conversion based bidding isn’t going to “work” if you don’t have any conversions, you can’t use ROAS if you have no conversion value.


    STEP 1 – Initially you start with a price lower than what is suggested by Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

    STEP 2 – Focus most on achieving a higher Quality Score. As the same time observe the impressions, clicks and CTR data of the campaign. In case the impressions are less, increase the keyword bids to that suggest by keyword planner.

    Step 3 – If you have worked on the CTR, Ad relevance (make sure adGroups are created based on theme of keywords) and landing page experience, you will notice that you are getting similar volume of impressions and clicks at a lower cost now.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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