Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center Impressions?

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    It’s an interesting concept, especially coming out of MS.


    It sounds to me like it’s essentially like Google Smart campaigns but across multiple ad platforms. Has anybody given it a test run yet?

    I’ve signed up for a test run but not sure I’ll get access.

    My concerns with a product like this is the same as for all 3rd party automated management systems.

    1. You have very little control over campaigns and targeting compared to working with platforms natively. This may be fine for SMBs that don’t have a clue but not very good for marketers that know what they are doing.
    2. Many SMBs will have a bad experience DIY and write-off PPC marketing, i.e. poisoning the well for agencies and freelancers that offer professional management. We already see this with clients using Mailchimp to run FB campaigns, Wordstream, and those using Google Smart campaigns.
    3. SMBs will lose sight of the work involved to build and manage proper/effective campaigns and devalue those services

    All that said, I believe there is room for a quality tool for the ultra-small business, 1-3 people that don’t have the time/budget to pull all the levers necessary to run Google/FB/IG and manage social communications.


    I signed up for the beta too. As a concept it has promise, but I’m skeptical as to if the integrations with other platforms like Facebook can delivered the desired results. In many cases I’m looking for ecommerce revenue or quality leads, so it’ll be tricky for an AI to figure out on my company’s behalf, through an API to another platform. I do want it to work though!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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