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    How can i market our radio which is running successfully inside our campus to the outside people? What will be an effective strategy to be successful and drive more audience.

    NB: Radio is not limited to campus, we have all kind of talks and sessions through our radio which is released through IGTV, Spotify and Youtube


    This is exciting! There are thousands of ideas, especially because you already post to YouTube. Instagram and Twitter are both great opportunities. You can also contact local news stations and papers to see if they’ll run an ad, article or clip about your work.


    I think you could make use of using sound bites & sound waves in content using your hosts voices and top 5 songs or whatever you’re playing in the station.
    Giveaways usually work.
    Could also try using “Influencer’s” – maybe get some big name student athletes on the radio or to post on their personal platforms to drive likes/followers.
    Ask local restaurants / bars if u can put QR code stickers on their windows/doors/tables.
    Def look for opportunities for recurring content (like maybe u do a Monday minute on trending songs and artists and give brief overviews, post song lyrics, anything u can get creative or just make use of hashtags like tbt etc)
    Give behind the scenes of the station or the hosts / people who work there.
    Be on the lookout for trending things to hop onto as well (for example that duct tape banana thing from awhile go everyone was doing) u gotta be timely tho

    Good luck you can try anything really!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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