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    Hey guys! I recently went viral on TikTok, and I’m sitting at nearly 100,000 followers, with millions of views on some videos and millions of likes. How do I monetize this in any way? I have no idea what to do.


    Lol monetizing tiktok isn’t a thing. You can upload them to YouTube though


    Approach advertisers who sponsor other tiktoks


    For starters, start moving your following to other platforms. Instagram is the biggest one- link your insta (or make a new insta) to the page, post a call to action in the bio, and possibly even try to incorporate some kind of call to actions in one out of every few videos.

    Depending on your content, there’s countless brands that will be more than happy to work with you on sponsored posts. The type of sponsorship sort of depend on the type of content you post. For example, if you post dance videos, you’re a good candidate for clothing brands. They’ll pay you to wear their clothes or to directly shout out their brands..

    You’re not quite big enough for huge brand deals, but if you have an instagram page linked to your account it’s only a matter of time before smaller brands start reaching out to you in DMs. You can also start DMing brands that you like yourself, brands with insta followings of 20-200k will likely reply and pay well.

    There’s no good platform for “finding advertisers” as far as I’m aware. People that run brands will find you and hit email/DM you asking if you’re interested in advertising their stuff. Alternatively, you can reach out to brands yourself. The most important part here is making yourself reachable- putting some sort of contact method on your profile.


    First of all, congrats! If it were me, I would probably sit down and list all of the companies I love and would be proud to represent that fit my niche. Maybe even a few that don’t fit just for fun and then just approach them. I do agree with trying to get them over to your Instagram and other socials first though. 100k on tiktok and 1k on insta would look funny but it is common. Build those up some and it’ll look good and just email companies you like and go from there. Trying to monetize will be more of a YouTube thing. Of course you can always do tiktok lives BUT they take such a massive cut it’s better to get donators to send it to your Venmo, cash app, etc.


    Live stream on the platform as you can accept donations.


    100k followers on Tik Tok isn’t going to be much to do for advertising wise. For reference one of my biddies just sold his 1.4m account for 15k. Keep growing it and like others said start asking brands you like (boutique shops are good ones) to get sponsored. It’ll start with an outfit or two until you can bring them enough value for them to pay you. Congrats though!


    People who say monetizing tiktok isnt a thing you should ignore. Because it is. Same was said about insta and youtube…

    Add femaleeinsteinreally as your friend on tiktok and private message me there. I will give you some valuable tips.


    Wow it’s a start to make you rich ,you can monetize it through affiliate marketing as simple as that and you can start making consistent income on daily basis 💗💗💗


    You could look to sign up with in influencer network and possibly get deals that way. They serve as middleman between clients/agency and influencers. I’ve worked with them a couple times they usually have a database that gives you demo and performance info on each so you can tailor your selections better for your target audience.


    You are not there yet. One viral video isn’t hard these days. Also – creating content is a way to monetize an actual BUSINESS. The content isn’t the money make long-term. It’s what you are selling. So if you want to get something long-term out of building content, decide what you want to sell. Last tip: Going viral brings attention. You are selling attention but you have to have a place to direct that attention.


    What a question to be able to post! 😀👌


    I would recommend you contact influencer agencies that offer Tik Tok services for their clients. You will need to put together a proposal showing them the following:

    – the size and location of your audience

    – daily/weekly/monthly views

    – the interest of your audiences – is there something that you’re doing specifically that your audience shows interest in? what type of videos are getting the highest number of views?

    – demographics are super important

    The pay would probably differ based on each contract and budget so make sure you do a bit of research if you can beforehand to get an idea of the size of the agency and their existing/past clients.

    You need to be super professional and be ready to answer a lot of questions. Also, they will probably want you to sign a contract so READ it very well. If you start working as an influencer everything that you create part of a client contract will be owned by the client/agency.

    Another option would be to contact companies that are currently working with influences and fits the description of your audience. Provide the same information.


    The money on TikTok is just not there. I got a bunch of lowball offers while growing the account, figured it’d change once I crossed 1 million…but thus far, the offers remain pretty paltry.


    It seems to me like you should keep doing whatever you’re doing because you’re asking a bunch of people with 300 followers 😛

    Not sure what your niche is, but there’s usually a product that is useful regardless of what you’re doing and most companies have affiliate programs. You could try talking to a company with a relevant product.

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