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    Ethics is still a necessity in social media marketing, but unfortunately, we all come across some marketing techniques or promotions which do not observe ethical standards and yet, due to the immense influence of social media among consumers, it still ends up gaining more attention and eventually, sales. What is your take on these companies’ strategies, and in maintenance of an ethical marketing in social media in general?


    If we see ethics and morality as worldview thats relative to us, there is a higher likeliness that ego will be conflicted in righteous decision-making.

    The rule of thumb I found helpful in moral and ethical dilemmas is to Know Thyself and The Golden Rule itself.

    To truly know who you are inside and outside, to the deepest core.

    And to treat others as you would also like to be treated.

    Both are subconscious activities that run in autopilot morning, noon, and night.

    To achieve this, its in your best interest to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness, not with your 5 senses, but your 6th sense.

    Your gut.

    Your intuition.

    Your calling.

    You will feel vulnerable, conflicted, fooled, and phased, but heed not, and persevere in faith and resilience.

    Choose love as a first option, always, and I guarantee you, many doors will open in the least expected time and natural way.

    Many blessings

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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