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    Hi, I am a 16 year old young entrepreneur with around 2 years of experience in online business having scaled a business to over £500/day and having had a business mindset all my life really and an ambition to do better and work hard. I am now looking to network and make connections with likeminded individuals (young or old) where we can both use our individual areas of expertise and use each other’s skills whenever needed to boost our businesses and do a great job where we may otherwise be clueless.

    I have been doing business for a few years now mainly in e-commerce in marketing so am skilled in all that brings including:

    Store creation and web design (WordPress)
    Facebook ads
    Photo editing
    Everything else that having online businesses and having a lot of experience in marketing, scaling one brand to £10k/month brings

    I am now looking for new friends who think the same way as I do and am hungry to build massive businesses. Wether that be from having the same skills as me or being from a totally different background..

    Shoot me a message and we can get talking and exchange our contact details (I’m not really used to Reddit)


    I feel so old, when i was 16 all I knew was html nothing else.
    Anyway, count me in.
    I have some good experience in SEO mainly service bases, PPC and web development.


    I’m 16 and I’d be interested. I’m just writing about my field of interest and not really looking to make a living off of my work (although some side-income is the goal) and I’m just starting out. Should we make a slack group?


    Half my ages, when I was 16 I was more busy on MSN and my flip phone so well done – I have built up career with ecommerce (mainly magneto 1) but have a lot of digital marketing and SEO skills, so If can help in any way hit me up – main success is taking companies with rubbish online presence to a decent standing sales wise, with design changes in css and html and SEO techniquies.


    Wow that’s impressive. I don’t have a lot of skills, I’m mainly focused on managing a SEO team but would like to make connection.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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