Location insertion for RSA’s, who knew?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Location insertion for RSA’s, who knew?

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    I have been doing dynamic location insertion into ad text using ad customizers and using city names as the text field which has worked great. I wanted to see if ad customizers worked with RSA ads and to my surprise they have dynamic location insertion as a standard feature. It is not available for regular extended ads. The command is {LOCATION(City)} or state or country. Was anyone else aware this existed and if so, how long has this been a thing?

    Edit: Apparently this is brand new and something I have wished for a long time.



    Wow never knew this either, thanks for sharing!


    I’ve been testing the State option on ads targeting the entire US almost as soon as I saw that a few ago. Works beautifully.


    Hoping Microsoft adds the feature quickly. =)


    Speaking of Microsoft, I went to create a campaign in one of my Microsoft accounts, and it gave me the option to set up an Audience Campaign. Checked other accounts, but only one so far. Worth looking into.


    Hoping they bring it across to ETAs but not holding my breath. Also discovered this about a week ago after going down the ad customizer/city list route for years.


    This is possible in ETAs using custom feeds (at a more granular level too). I think the goal is to entice users over to RSA by rolling it out there.


    Didn’t know this was a feature for RSAs out of the box.

    Great find, will have to play around with this tomorrow. Have my upvote. 🙂


    I have put some thought into this and feel the ad customizers via a feed setup is better because you can actually see what cities triggered conversions the most. I am not sure this is possible in this new configuration as the database is hidden.


    Didn’t know this. Thank you!


    Not sure if I read this correctly, but it sounds like this only inserts the location you are targeting in a campaign, opposed to ad customizers inserting the actual user location?

    >Locations are selected from your campaigns location targeting.

    Has anyone tried this yet?


    Thanks for posting!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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