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    Reading through some of the recent posts here on GMB and map pack search results I see that Google, at least in part, prioritizes results by distance which of course makes sense.

    Many local businesses that offer mobile services like electricians, plumbers, AC repair, etc. have their business address set as their home address if they don’t have a physical office, which I believe may be hurting them in local search results, especially if they primarily service one area but live some distance away.

    Is there a workaround here? Like using a P.O. box in the city you service so that your client’s address in GMB more closely matches the area they actually work in?

    Just trying to come up with some solutions to ranking higher in the map pack results as I have a client that ranks well for a lot of keywords with an established site with plenty of content but is on page 4 of map results because he uses his home as his business location, and I notice there are quite a few similar businesses with the same issue for other niches.


    Website ‘localization’ Citation Building. Claiming your Google My Business listing. Managing reviews and ratings. Getting quality, relevant backlinks. *Local* customers are turning to the internet to find *local* businesses – on desktop AND *mobile*.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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