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    Curious to how many people out there manage multiple local businesses and use Bright Local or White Spark for listing and citation management/building.

    My struggle with building manual citations has been they require business email address confirmations, which my clients do not respond to.

    Which one would you recommend?


    Another question: Is either worth getting for managing one small business?


    Why not use moz local for $100 a year?


    You will find that many of these services offer directories that others don’t/can’t. We run a handful of these types of services, but we do a ton of backend work to clean up the overwriting mess they all do to each other when you use a handful of them.


    We use bright local. Mainly because of cost and the fact you aren’t renting listings like Yext. It makes a difference when you explain it to clients in my opinion.


    Yext helps rank immediately. You’ll still have to build links to dominate.

    Whoever has the largest library is the one to go with. I currently use brightlocal and have nothing bad to say.

    I’ve tried another client for a far lower cost and think it was as good.


    I used Whitespark and met Darren Shaw personally at a MozCon local in 2017. I think he’s superb and would recommend him anyway. At the time we had ~20 locations in Canada and ~250 in the US.


    I’ve used BrightLocal and had no issues.


    We use Brandify/where 2 get it, but not sure if they’re a white label of someone else or something.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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